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Farewell To Arms – XH558

Avro Vulcan XH558

Avro Vulcan XH558 ‘The Spirit Of Great Britain’

Sad day.

It is unlikely that I will get to see this magnificent beast in the sky again. So it is fitting that by accident we found she was going to fly over her home today. By Home, I don’t mean any of the front line fighter bases she spent so many years at, bombed up and ready to go.


Home for this old lady is Woodford, where she came to life so many years ago,.

Fitting then that she flew over one of her sisters today who rests on the outer edge of the aerodrome, although the site she would have seen of the destruction of the old Avro workshops to make way for new ‘Executive Homes’. Progress I guess, but sad non the less.

This old girl though is herself heading into retirement. There just are no longer the qualified engineers left to keep her up in the air. So after 55 years of faithful service, its time for her to ease gently into retirement.

Thank you, old lady, and to your family, you will not be forgotten.







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