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Bit of a two centre collection here. Images of just “things”. Nothing fancy, no trick photography, just me and my camera capturing people going about their business and having fun on balmy summers days.

There really is no place quite like England in the sun…


( or how many images of birds can I capture?!… )

Its been a long time since I updated this blog, and apologies for that. Life has been very stressful of late, and only in the last few days have I felt like adding to this journal. So over the next few days, I’ll be adding some of the work from the last two months.

The first are a series of images captured on a most beautiful Island. Over the years I have been lucky enough to visit a few of these amazing places that surround this nation of ours. Unlike my work on Orkney though, I will not say where these are shot, and if you know, then please, dont let on. Someplaces are too special to share ( but if you really want to know, drop me a line 😉 )

 Days spent with friends, no mobile phone signal, and no internet, no TV and only an old tranny radio. Life does not get much better…

( This update was partly inspired by my friends up in Orkney and Caithness, and by the book “Island Wife” written by Judy Fairbairns, a book I can whole heartedly recommend to anyone look for that one trigger they really need… )