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Well, its been over a year since my feet last walked upon Orcadian soil, so I thought it fitting that a trip to see friends, from Ayr to Orkney should be made before the harsh realities of a full time job kick in.

Not much sightseeing this time, just a lot of talking, and forging the strong bonds of friendship that these islands of ours can create.

So these are really just holiday snaps, memories of a wonderful time spent with wonderful people…


Sundays, a day of rest, a day of finding peace, and of stretching the mind.

What better way to do it than with a walk in the Great British Countryside 🙂

Lathkill Dale is real hidden gem of a place. A limestone gorge, it has been home to humans for thousands of years, and is surrounded by burial mounds, mine workings, and farmland that has seen many hundreds of generations come and go.

Fitting then, that the last part of the walk was up at Arbor Low, a magnificent henge high up in the White Peak…