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…fruit fly’s like a banana.

Or so the saying goes.

I realised the other day that I had all but forgotten how to switch the camera on, let alone actually try to use it. Can’t believe how much life has changed in the last 6 months. How little time that I now have to do anything creative. Of course, it can be argued that it is up to us to balance work and life out; ask any HR Gnu about it and they will all chant the same mantra. Unfortunately that never seems to continue once you have left the confines of the training centre…

So I do apologise for the rather large gap between updates here. No real excuse other than bad time management by the photographer.

Anyway, these words are digressing from the imagery. Here are a few images from 2014 so far. Images of the magical Ynys LLanddwyn, a tidal island off the south west coast of Anglesy. It never fails to lift the soul, especially given the mythology and very special geology ( it is a perfect tectonic plate in miniature ). A few photos from the local wildlife up around the canal and into the Peak, and the view across from Gardoms Edge towards the Chatsworth estate. Not many i grant you, but I am after all just getting back into the swing of things 🙂

Blimey! Can’t believe its been nearly three months since I last updated this photoblog. No excuse, but after 2 years, I finally found a new job, and have thrown myself into that new career.

So it was quite an unusual feeling yesterday to get out there with the camera and just ‘be’ in the landscape again. An analogue day in a digital life.

Here then, in a mix of images are my attempts at getting back into the world of landscape art. Always made much easier by living in the foothills of the Peak District. From frost garden and the die back of the lavenders that have been grown from seed this year, to the sleeping giants of Longnor, with their faces pointing skyward as they rest, waiting to be woken once more. Finally watching the sun set, lighting up Hen Cloud, the Roaches and Ramshaw rocks, and then to one of the many mysterious places around here, the Mermaids pool, where the ancient people live…

Enjoy 🙂