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Blimey, was it really August when I last posted here? Says a lot about the way work can overtake everything and leave you feeling everso slightly no creative. Doesn’t help that the last set of images came from the West Coast tour, full of its jaw-dropping views.

Anyway, today was a camera day. First of 2016 although it did not go according to plan. Was meant to be Edale to Chinley via the southern edge of Kinder but the weather had other ideas. Then maybe a jaunt out to Ramshaw, but again, the storm gods had other ideas. In the end, a gentle 4 miler up above Lyme Park, stalking deer and looking for those big sky shots that you can get with this type of light.

Was quite happy to be stuck then between two weather systems, one to the north, crossing Manchester and dumping an awful lot of water on the great city, and one to the south doing much the same to Stoke. Stuck in the middle, in wonderful sunshine then was all the more appreciated (waterproofs packed optimistically at the bottom of the bag!).

And yes, the deer were spotted, hiding high on the banks of a re-entrant. Moments like that I wish I’d packed the big 300mm, but it weighs half hundredweight and my knees are still somewhat stuffed from last year. Its an age thing.

Anyway, here are some of the highlights, complete with the elusive deer and ShadowSelfie 🙂


For the second time in as many months, the trusty steed, the little Fiat made that long and winding drive to the northlands. This time, heading towards an exceptionally beautiful piece of the British Isles, namely Assynt. You don’t go there to go anywhere else, you go there just to be. To try to describe it would to just fail. Its the sort of place only poets and artists can capture, but I did try with my wee camera to get some of the sense of scale. Mountains straight out of Middle Earth, and NO SIGNAL! Hurrah!

Then a quick ( for that read very slow and gentle ) skim across the top of Scotland to catch the ferry to Orkney. To the Seal Islands. To good and much missed old friends.

If you have not journeyed along that long and winding road, you really have no idea what you are missing!

So there you are. Not many words; as the images speak for themselves…